The Author


524051_10100755673376563_1552077706_nHi, my name is Lance Haun and I’m a practice leader for thought leadership and industry positioning at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, the research, consulting, and publishing arm of a marketing and advertising agency focused on the enterprise software and services space. In short, I help organizations figure out their place in their market and express their point of view in compelling ways. In addition to that, I’m also an observer and writer for some of our reporting on enterprise technology sectors.

Formerly, I was an editor at ERE Media, an HR and recruiting trade publication and conference company,  for three years. I also wrote the Your HR Guy blog on for more than two years. My background includes seven years of HR experience (primarily as a recruiter, generalist and manager) and eight years of writing experience in the world of HR. I’ve been featured in the Harvard Business Review blog, Wall Street Journal,, HR Magazine, Workforce Magazine, FastCompany, and I’ve also been a regular contributor at, and

I’m a Portland, Oregon native, Washington State University alum and I currently reside in eastern Washington state with my wife and daughter.

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This Blog

I’ve been writing this blog under various names since 2006. It started off as,, and then finally under this name. I’ve covered the HR space for all of that time.

This is my personal outlet for writing. As such, I don’t take ads and I don’t do guest posts. If you don’t like what you read here, you can always get in touch with me. No promises that I’ll listen, okay?

Disclaimers and Get out of Jail Free Cards

Standard disclaimer should probably apply here. I don’t (always) represent the views of the company I work for and I don’t always get my way at work. Anything about the company I work for is released through official channels first.

I try to keep things as open and honest here as possible but there are a few things I can never do:

  • I cannot discuss the specifics of things I am dealing with currently or previously at work.
  • I take every effort to make sure everything I talk about here respects people confidentiality.
  • At The Starr Conspiracy, we don’t give out client names. I can only assure you that I will use my platform responsibly and not use it to mindlessly drone on for clients. Plus, that’s pretty obvious.
  • I will not give legal advice. I’m not a lawyer. Not even on the internet.