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Best Blog and Keyword Stuffing

For those who may be interested, this blog has been nominated for “ Best Blog” award. If you like this blog, take a minute and please vote for it. Also, please feel free to vote for some of the other fantastic blogs on there. While I don’t expect to win (after all, those pesky recruiters would hate to see a generalist win), I think it is good to recognize the top blogs in our industry.

Jim Stroud posts on CollegeRecruiter about how to be slick about adding keywords to your resume.

I don’t know about other recruiters but I think keywords are awful. Whenever I see them, they seem… oh how to put it… tacky? And while Jimmy’s idea is pretty slick, if your recruiter doesn’t have an application tracking system (ATS) that parses the resume with the included summary, you are out of luck. I would guess that would be a good guess if the company has less than a 1,000 people and would almost be a sure thing with less than 500 people. So that can help you get a job at the big companies but there are better ways to do keywords that will help you get a job period.

I know it is a radical idea but how about including some of those keywords in the actual content of your resume. If it isn’t important enough to be even be mentioned, it is unlikely adding the keyword is going to help that. If you have sales experience but you don’t mention sales in your resume, what makes you think that adding “sales” to your keywords is going to help you land the job.

Sure, adding keywords is easy and too few people do it… now. But if something is easy and effective, guess how long that will help you? It seems much more worth the effort to spend it on making your resume produce results, no matter what computer (or what human) is looking at it.

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