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Blogversity and the meaning of it all

I am so happy to be writing about Ami and his Blogversity blog. In the short measure of time we have spent gazing upon each other’s blogs with lust, I also have respect for the great amount of time and thought that is put into each one of his posts. The move from to his own domain steps him up to that next level. With his increased flexibility, he can do, literally, anything. And by anything, I mean walk on the moon sort of anything.

Now he has raised the bar and is going all corporate on us and I’ve got to wonder, what is the meaning of it all?

I mean this whole shindig. These w o r d s that you are reading right now? What is the meaning of it? Hell, what is the meaning of anything some lousy guy with a ridiculously unoriginal moniker (come on, “Your HR guy”?) going to say to me that is going to impact me? What can HE teach ME?

Big pimpinI guess my experience with blogging is that the purpose and the “meaning of it all” has to start with yourself. If you aren’t getting rewarded by your blog, than nothing–publicity, hits, or how big that blogroll is–is going to change it. If I wanted to pimp my business, I would. If I wanted to pimp myself, I would. And I am not saying it like pimping is that bad (easy now!). That’s not my deal. I like to make connections with individual readers who are interested in learning more about that man behind the mask. I too am interested in learning about my readers (the men and women behind the masks). Not out of self-promotion or pride but just to make that connection and not a connection to hopefully exploit sometime but a real, physical, pour a beer for you, throw a snowball at your bald head kind of connection.

That’s why I blog. Why do you blog?

So I support Ami and his new Blogversity project (and let’s hope it isn’t anything like the Manhattan project). And just because I have an inside line doesn’t mean I have any idea what Ami’s plans are for the domain. I just hope it is good and that it fulfills. My bet is that it does.

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