Don’t Be Stupid: Buying a Fake Degree Online is a Mistake

Update August 2013: Comments are closed. Please don’t waste your money on a fake degree. The gripes about requiring a degree in certain types of jobs are accurate but you don’t fix that by paying money to a scammer that can’t help you.

I honestly can’t believe I have to post this in 2010 but after running across another LinkedIn profile that pointed to a degree mill for their MBA, I’ve got to tell you this with all certainty:

  1. You’re wasting your money
  2. You’re wasting your time
  3. You’re killing your credibility
  4. Recruiters will catch you

What’s crazy is that this happened frequently when I was hiring. If I didn’t recognize the name of an institution, it took all of five seconds to figure out it was a fake. You know how?


Yes, your degree mill may say they will act as your registrar, provide transcripts and have a semi-legitimate looking web presence (well, sometimes). What they can’t do is kill the power of Google to strike through the heart of their scam and bring your ridiculous investment to light.

The state of Oregon even made it easier for me by providing a list of such institutions. Glad my tax dollars are going to something helpful.

Now when I’ve called to contact a candidate about their fake online degree, you know what usually happens? I get hung up on. Or I get some lecture about how accreditation is bogus or that the educational system is a scam or that employers have ridiculous requirements for education. It’s the system, man. The system!

Listen pal, just because you were scammed by some diploma mill doesn’t mean you’re going to rip on hundreds of years of non-faked education. That’s bush league. And yes, some employers have out of touch policies regarding required education but guess what? You don’t combat that by throwing a fake degree on the old resume.

Want a clue for next time? Go to your Microsoft Word templates and pick out a nice award template and write yourself a degree. Give yourself whatever you like, go to the store to grab some nice paper and a frame and print it out. Sure, you’ll still be a liar but at least you haven’t spent hundreds of dollars on something that is only worth the paper it was printed on.

If you’ve got $600-1,500 burning a hole in your pocket, use that money to arrange networking meetings for coffee and lunch. With $600, you could have 20 coffee meetings and 10 lunches (and that’s assuming you’re buying). $1,500 could buy you several real courses through a public university too. Those meetings and courses are going to be worth a lot more than anything you’ll spend on a fake degree.


  1. Hear hear. If you do have some college under your belt and need to finish up, Thomas Edison State College is an accredited school that has very liberal transfer policies, remote study and low fees. You’ll still look like you got your degree online, because you will have, but at least it will check out. If I ever finish my degree I’ll be forced to do something like this, because even my own college will no longer accept my credits, whereas TESC will.

    • Yep. Getting a degree online from a legitimate, accredited institution is entirely different. There are a couple of other programs like Thomas Edison but it as good of an example as any.

  2. Wonderful article! I am currently looking to make a career change and due to my age and the inability to leave my job and study full-time I am looking for a credible on-line college that I can study with and it’s only by chance on doing my searches that I’ve come to realize how many ‘unaccredited/diploma mill etc’ institutions they are out there offering courses that you could end up spending a whole lot of money on then to not have them recognized – and some of them sound sooo good! I have had to start my search over again, looking at the colleges listed with the appropriate accreditation bodies and seeking advice from professionals in the field. It’s amazing how people would look to dupe you for monetary gain.

    • It is the worst kind of scam. Most people are in a tough position and looking for some letters to put on their resume. Paying that sort of money for something that is completely worthless is terrible.

  3. I was forced into a career change and ended up going back to college, I’ve been very successful with Strayer Univeristy which is an accredited higher learning institution. The convenience of doing my classes online and the option to take the classes on site was perfect for me as a working adult. Not trying to sound like a commerical here but their online courses will include a heavy workload depending on the degree. Most of your Ivy league and other well known Universities now offer both online and brick and mortar classes. You have to earn your grade believe I’ve put in plenty of hours as it requires a lot of self discipline to complete the courses and to maintain a suitable GPA. The diploma mills that you mention at some point were directly linked to online courses as a way to cheapen someone’s efforts. Thank goodness technology is being utilized within the realm of higher education as I would not have been able to complete this endeavor otherwise.

    • Yep, education should take hard work, not just a fat checkbook. Thanks for doing things the right way. You and your employer will be thankful.

      • yeah but not all of us can afford education. it is really hard to finsish my batchelors degree now, as i work 6days a week and have no money left over after all my bills are paid – I cant pay for classes and i have no energy to take classes

        • A lack of money should not prevent you from going to school if that is what you want to do. There are plenty of financial aid options out there, from loans to grants to scholarships. If you are over the age of 25 or have kids, it is also very easy to get into good schools under a non-traditional students’ program.

  4. Cheating brings nothing but fooling ourselves. We will always be caught no matter how well-thought our fabrication is. :-)

  5. Lance, the Pollyanahs will always believe that the evil-doers will be caught yet cheating is on the rise (be creative and play with Google to find “data”). Rather than offering my POV as to why I believe this is so, consider that people cheat because they can – the bulk of employers are average or worse at recruiting, interviewing and reference checking.

    You can color your gray hair but it won’t make you younger; you can change your style of clothes but your behavior gives you away. Yet people still do these things – and lie on their resumes – because they either believe they need to do this to compete in the employment market or they’re really clueless.

    In they end, they still have to look at themselves in the mirror and be happy with what they see. Doesn’t matter what we tell them…

    • Hello Steve and others here,
      I just came across your website here and I get your point of honesty and respect and proper education, BUT I have to mention after 20 years of self employment and into business, that even if you got a whatsoever degree 70% of the degree holders can’t even pee straight forward without a supervisor at their site, so why not get a fake degree but be smart and confident , life these day’s is only show biz………and the actors are not really great……….. and what matters is money in your account, sounds harsh but it’s, a black Amex card beats all Degrees

      • Perhaps an English literacy degree may be beneficial?

        • Nice one Ryan.
          People will always go for the shortcut, no matter what they are told. It is disgraceful because honest people spend years and lots of time getting degrees and then someone fraudulently claims to have a degree without putting any work into it at all.

          • Life’s unfair James, so what some people take the easy road while others bust their ass, what’s new? It’s been going on forever and we could sit here all day and whine about all of life’s unfair policies, here’s one for you- I think it’s unfair that women have to pay for sanitary products to help with the fact that they bleed on a monthly basis.

          • Some folks don’t get the opportunity to attend university, but are still smart and talented people. Those honest people spend years and lots of time getting good at their jobs, better in a lot of cases than someone with a degree. How should they feel that some places require a degree, even an unrelated degree, to get the position. No matter how qualified someone may be. Just because you spent a ton on money and time on some marginal education, doesn’t mean you need it to perform a job function. Don’t be elitists and call people who have to cheat the system to get a job in a field they love, lazy or stupid. You don’t know what you are saying.

  6. Do people actually get away with the fake college degrees? I guess they do. We pulled back an offer a few months ago after no being able to verify someones degree. It just baffles the heck out of me that people actually spend hundreds of dollars on a fake degree. Lazy, just do it right.

  7. People who lie on their resume and actually get the job don’t realize how vulnerable they are. Not just now, and in this position, but forever. The company can fire you one, ten, fifteen years down the road, and you have no recourse. Depending on the position and the jurisdiction, you could be sued or charged with a criminal offence.

    The resume liars club is full of people who misstated their qualifications on their resume and were caught years after they started their job and were promoted to new positions. The vast majority of the lies involved overstated or purely invented educational credentials.

    • I really aprpeactie free, succinct, reliable data like this.

    • One message I got from reading the list: the world is run by the liars. If all these big successful enterprises/organizations are contributed by, and benefited from these “liars”, why not just completely ignore those pathetic, expensive papers with fancy words on it.

  8. Hey, rather than bagging on everyone for doing this (fun as that might be), perhaps what is called for is some advice on how they should deal with it once it has been done. If this kind of behavior is as common as it sounds then a lot of people are at risk. What would your advice be to them, Lance?

  9. Yah, it’s crazy that people still try to do this. There are whole background screening companies that specialize in verifying college degrees. It’s just sad human nature to want to take shortcuts.

  10. Get over yourself Havlick

  11. Great article – with very good points! It is extremely important to not be fooled by diploma mills and to complete your undergraduate or earn your graduate degree from a regionally accredited university. Like DHarri mentioned, many traditional universities, like offer online and distance programs with the same faculty and curriculum as the on-campus programs. It’s important to find a program that works for your schedule, your budget, and will help you advance your career.

  12. The fact that some employers really don’t give much weight to someone with a degree may contribute partly to the diploma mills. By this I mean some companies are more interested in filling a position looking at experience over education. In today’s competitive job market having something referencing a degree on your resume may be just enough to get that face time with the hiring managers. Its also expensive to retrain people in some areas of business and as most people assume, once your in your in.

  13. My dad got a fake degree just for the laugh. He said he wanted to be a PhD since his childhood but he’s too old to study for it now. As far as it’s not being used on a resume, I think it’s okay

  14. I disagree in some, special cases.

    After being interviewed for a contract job in Michigan, I received the following feedback: “You were the best candidate, but we can’t hire you because you have no degree.” This is apparently a popular mantra in the Michigan area medical industry. My sister, who happens to work in that area and industry for a very large pharma company, says they have an unwritten rule – only grads from Western Michigan University. She only found this out AFTER interviewing candidates and being told which ones could be hired. It also turned out to be the reason she had been turned down for some job she had applied for within the company. After all, her degree was from Indiana University and even though she had over twenty-five years experience in the industry for two of the largest. Otherwise, of course, they love her.

    Now in my case, I’ve got thirty years in the industry, great references, and in this case, lots of relevant experience, both recent and historical.

    Here’s where it starts to get interesting when examined in depth. It appears the dominant thought is that by hiring only degreed people (applying some sort of “minimal standard” they hope to protect themselves legally because they have deep pockets). So, rather than hire someone trained to do the job, they only want what my sister referred to as “Magic Paper” (she earned hers going to school nights for many years earlier in her career). She points out there was no difference whatsoever from the day before she earned her degree and the day after, just the “magic paper”.

    So it’s evident they would rather play games because of liability than hire the best candidate. I’d love to see them explain THAT to a jury in a liability trial!

    Now the weirdest part of all. I’ve taught classes at many of the companies I’ve worked for, often to people with masters and PhD’s. Not so unusual. After hanging out my shingle some years back, I was running a little prototype development business in San Jose. The President/CEO of a local award winning flex circuit company called me one afternoon. “I’ve got a friend of mine, a young man who just graduated. I’d like you to help train him for me. I’ll give you $50 an hour and he will work for you for free.” He specifically wanted me to train him about components, ratings, BOM’s, specs, etc. As an engineering student, he spent 5-6 years earning his MSEE, but had never worked in the real world, and although well trained in theory, could not pick out a real world capacitor from a footlocker.

    It seems they spend all five years modeling systems on a computer. Now, when it came to advanced CMOS design using VHDL and tasks like that, the young man was quite competent. I can’t do that, but the original job I was interviewing for was a pretty easy one, the type usually given to young engineers to help expose them to the manufacturing process – sustaining engineering. Would you want him spending time finding replacements for a 74LSxx device and capacitors or designing new silicon?

    Most importantly, do you want someone in the medical device industry making decisions because they are the best at the job, or because they have “magic paper”? All the points made by your readers were spot on, but I think more needs to be written, considering the unemployment rates and unrealistic expectations.

    Allan Knox II

    Knox Associates Design


    PS: On top of all that, since they were going through an agency, they had already mitigated the majority of the risks when trying out a new hire!

    For me, that stupid magic paper might ALLOW them to hire the BEST candidate, as opposed to sticking with corporate dogma.

  15. Hello Steve and others here,
    I just came across your website here and I get your point of honesty and respect and proper education, BUT I have to mention after 20 years of self employment and into business, that even if you got a whatsoever degree 70% of the degree holders can’t even pee straight forward without a supervisor at their site, so why not get a fake degree but be smart and confident , life these day’s is only show biz………and the actors are not really great……….. and what matters is money in your account, sounds harsh but it’s, a black Amex card beats all Degrees

    • I argee wholeheartedly with Peter. My husband after working for almost 40 years got laid off 2 years ago. He has been looking for a permanent steady job for at least the last year or so. He has gotten a few (mostly out of desperation) but certainly nothing that you would consider a “real” job. We are not in a position financially to retire ( nor are we old enough ) He would qualify for many of the jobs posted, but has some formal education but is missing that degree / diploma that so many companies are looking for. It is certainly unfair that just because you don’t have the letters after your name that nowadays you would not even be considered.

  16. yea fuck that b/s to the OP sorry i don’t have 40k to spend on college and with ADHD college was super hard so I dropped out and started working full time getting that experience now that all my friends are finishing there 4 year degree’s wtf are they doing now????? what i was doing without devoting 4 years and 40k down the drain every application i apply to I put i have a 4 year degree you know why because there application will auto delete your application because u don’t have a 4 year degree but i have plenty experience why am i not considered because i don’t have some “magic paper” so fuck you OP i will use my fake diploma untill people grow up and realize it’s the best man for the job not some piece of paper… Ever since highschool teachers drill in your head college….well thats nice for the rich kids or the smarty’s but what about for me do u feel since I do not prefer college I should be forced to live in poverty.

    • Boy do you have it correct ,,,been looking for 3 months, no fake degree ,,They want a Degree to sell or promote or push anything .

      A+, C++, telecommunications, wireless technologies ,,,,OH WELL

  17. I think in some cases the fake degree is acceptable. For some of those people that have 20 or 30 years in a specific field a degree that backs it up is not bad. After all, most people will give themselves away within the first 2 weeks of working there. I have 32 years of retail management experience, yet employers want the degree regardless of what you know. I don’t really feel like spending 20k to get a piece of paper that says I know what I know.

  18. What a load of crock! The assumption that a degree from some miniscual university that’s barely on the educational map, somehow can superseded 20 to 40 years of experience on the job what these baby graduates only read about in books is rediculous. Firstly, I work in the IT industry. Now we all know the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerburg story…there’s a little joke goes like this. “I quit Harvard in my first year and went to work on computers. My buddies finished their degree. They now work for me in the engineering department of Microsoft.” signed, Bill Gates. In the industry we all know the best coders (programmers) don’t come out of universities. Firstly by the time the Uni’s get their curriculum sorted out, and the first grad from that bunch breaks through the gates, what they learned is generally 5 to 10 years old! I did a one year program when the demand for network engineers was super high (1996) Cramming 4 years of technology plus the 7 Novel Exams and the 7 MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) into my brain in one year in a hands on course was much tougher than any engineering program. I didn’t get a degree for that, even though we covered all the material required and then some. I’ve no desire to go back to university, to learn what I’m already teaching and have been doing for 15 yeears! That’s insanity. So, when I’m asked if I have a degree, yeah you bet your ass I do…it’s not printed on some $2.00 piece of paper with a pretty gold seal on it…but it’s stamped into my brain along with a lifetime of business expereince, and teaching. Oh, by the way I went back and did that one year program at the ripe old age of 47. I talk to people with “degrees” every day. Quite frankly if y ou stripped that piece of paper out of their hands, they’d most likely be unemployable. Some can’t write a proper sentence. Attorneys who don’t know the law, after 8 years of study and 6 years of practice! Doctors who I have to explain things to with printouts from Mayo clinic so they don’t give me a bunch of meds for what they “think” is wrong. If you think I’m going to be overly impressed with a piece of paper, you’re wrong. But if it’s required, hell yeah, I’ll provide a fake one…and I’ll probably be able to baffle the interviewer, since all they have is a 4 year degree from Butf***k University, that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Oh it’s genuine alright. So he sat in a seat for 4 years, and managed to squeek through….that does NOT make him the best person for the job, nor the brightest tack on the wall, and many times, not even educated. So while stupid corps that lie, cheat and steal from everything an everyone demand said “degrees” why should anyone feel the need to be “honest” with them? Tit for Tat…and in most casees, they’re probably hiring the best person for the job without the degree. End of rant!

    • Lance Haun

      August 17, 2012 at 7:42 pm

      “What a load of crock! The assumption that a degree from some miniscual university that’s barely on the educational map, somehow can superseded 20 to 40 years of experience on the job what these baby graduates only read about in books is rediculous.”

      I’m not claiming that. Did you read my post or are you just reacting to the fact that you probably came here off a search for buying a fake degree and that IS stupid?

      The fact of the matter is, no matter how much the idea that education is bunk to you, buying a fake degree online is even worse. Waste your money all you want. Rail against the unfairness. But you only hurt yourself (and pad the wallets of scammers) by buying a fake degree.

      • Maybe you haven’t been in university in the past 30 years? University is big business. And, no, your assumption is wrong, I did not come here from a search for a fake degree. Why? Is that how you got here? Or are you trying to dissuade others with good work ethics and experience from doing so in the event they just might beat you out of a job?

  19. Having read the above I can only feel that the point relating to degrees etc has been missed, a degree, diploma, whatever you will signifies the level of knowledge aquired, the establishment also plays an important part as it relates to the quality of the teaching.

    Fake qualifications are sold on the basis that they relate to the university of life, its a sad fact but unless you have a legitimate licence of learning your career is going no where.

    I for one would be well peed off if I attended an interview to find myself sat next to someone with fake credendtials as it would undermine all the hours of study ive put in and still putting in on an ongoing basis.

    Ian UK

  20. Wow, nice writing guys but lets face a few facts. I am a part qualified accountant, I hated accounts but I also had debts to pay, so I dropped out after I had a nervous break down and was suspended at my university after a group of security gaurds had constantly had arguements with me. So I have gone from working in Carphone warehouse as a sales person (1year), to promotions of perfume brands and products in Heathrow airport (2yrs), to working as an agent in Angola and Mozambique for a perfumes destribution company (1yr), to owner of my own perfumes shop doing all the marketting, sales, recruitement, etc. all by myself (2yrs).
    Now I fly to Dubai and not 1 call or interview is available for me, I walk in to mobile phone stores, perfumes shops, most business I walk in to, the staff have various qualifications, but they are absolutely useless.
    Point is this, even with a degree or a bachelors, what makes a business work is people who apply their skill set and experience, not a degree.
    I openly challenge any employer to give me a job in marketting, advertising or sales, I have the confidence and the experience to do the job better than a degree holder.

  21. I think there are a few valid points to be taken here;
    1) buying a fake degree is the result of the interview process being a process that is fluad based on the fact that the interviewers are too afraid to make the right decision or are too lazy to do the work correctly.
    2) financial situations result in people not able to study, and such financial situations keep people broke and desperate.
    3) education is very important and helps
    4) experience cant be taught or bought at any price, there should be a more rewarding system for experience too.
    5) the current system works in the same fashion it has worked for many years, the end result is that the rich get richer, the poor stay poor. So a fake degree is an official magic paper that says Fuck you to the current system. it may not work in the us or europe, but try the third world, im sure u can get away with it there.

  22. the guy who knew too much

    October 24, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Guess what, its a long lost secret. But there is no way to fully verify a person graduated from an institution even with a background check. I seen a friend print their own degree and copy and paste some seals, and faxed over the document and it checked out just fine. The employer is in the heart of NYC and the company is prestigious. It all comes down to your references (use friends and make them out to be your favorable employer), criminal background ( don’t worry if u got a misdemeanor in FL and applying for a job in NY you’ll be okay unless u working for the govt or Feds), and your resume/experience. A degree is a stupid piece of paper. College doesn’t teach you how to survive, it just teaches u how to spend a shit load of money to learn a bunch of information you can get free on GOOGLE. So to all of those worried lets talk. The system is very screwed up thats why the unemployment rate is so high in this country.

    • Lance Haun

      October 24, 2012 at 6:33 pm

      This is not true. There are plenty of ways of reliably verifying education in the background check process.

      I don’t care if you think higher education is the biggest scam on this planet, lying about it is not going to help you in the long run. Your buddy might have scammed one employer, but let’s hope he doesn’t have to go for a job at a place that actually goes to the institution.

      Higher education is also not a reason why people are unemployed.

      Since most people come to this post are looking for fake degrees themselves (thanks, Google), I consider the cynicism of these post comments comical. Good luck on your search for the perfect piece of paper.

  23. If you think that you can just purchase a degree online without having to do the work, you are just fooling yourself, not just the person you are attempting to scam. We always try to find the easy way out of hard work, but in the end, it just isn’t worth it. Sure, it is easy with a click of a button to order a diploma, but did you earn it? Do you have the knowledge it takes to possess it?

    A college education takes dedication, financing, management and work. Those who obtain it the traditional way sometimes have to fight their way through, but in the end holding up that diploma can be the top accomplishment in their lives.

    For everybody who considers buying a degree: get and be real!

    • LOL, you’re talking as if a Batcherlors Degree were some great acheivement. It’s not all that you know? Basically many people holding a PHD cannot even find employment, and in speaking with them, it’s easy to understand why.

      There is a huge difference between intelligence and education. Not everyone educated has even the slightest modecum of intelligence, so you’re argument is groundless.

      I suppose you’re assuming that only educated people have any idea about financing, management and work? That’s so far from the truth it’s sad.

      Having done mortgages for many years, I can assure you that education does not necessarily equate financial intelligence. Anyone can borrow money, that’s not an accomplishment. Management of what? Read a few books, attend a few classes, regurgitate what you think the prof wants to hear? There is no management in attending university. In fact, many go because they don’t want to or can’t find work! The assumption is they will be more employable with a degree, which isn’t necessarily true either.

      The fact is that most BA Diplompas aren’t worth the paper their written on and don’t insure anything. In essence, when you sit your ass in a chair for 4 years, for a degree in philosophy, for instance, that’s exactly what you’ve done; you’ve purchased a degree.

      Whether your education came from some rinky dink university or you’ve educated yourself and currently have a very successful life, you did the same thing. YOu bought your education. We place far to much value on university degrees. It’s just a piece a paper, nothing more. It doesn’t mean the person holding it up is capable, and certainly doesn’t indicate any level of intelligence.

      So who cares where the paper came from. If they can do the job and do it well, that should take precedence, not a piece of paper! Our politicians being a case in point!

      The person holding up the degree is also lieing. For a fact, you never learn how to work or how the real world works in a book. Most of these new graduates haven’t a clue! Because someone doesn’t go to University does not mean they are uneducated, and just because someone did, doesn’t mean they are! It’s time society quite buying into the BS of University education being some sort of prestigious thing to do. It’s not!

      • Goodness Anna. I can’t think of a better incentive to study than reading your awful, awful, writing.

        • Then I highly recommend you start studying, your writing isn’t all you think it is either. Oh, but I’m sure your ego would never allow you to admit that.

          • Well Anna, at least my comment isn’t riddled with grammatical, spelling, punctuation and typographical errors.

            Speaking of ego, I suggest you spend some time reading your own rambling comments first. Don’t forget to take regular breaks though, because I imagine the gigantic chip on your shoulder is sure to leave you quite exhausted.

            That aside, ignoring the obvious cognitive advantages accorded by higher education, there is absolutely no rationale argument one can offer against taking professional degrees. Period. The theoretical prerequisite practically guarantees that no layman can pick up the required knowledge on the job. This is why children out of high school do not get to open their medical, engineering or architectural practice.

            An argument could be made against non-professional degrees, I suppose. However, these arguments are dependent on the lowest rung of graduates, whose negative personal attributes and abilities often outstrip the benefits of education. However, for the most case, a degree tells a prospective employer that the candidate has developed a particular skill set and an understanding of the sector. It also reduces training time, a factor that weighs heavily on employers everywhere.

            A person could still succeed in life without a degree, or the benefits of higher education. However, these are the exception, not the norm. Education is the single most important investment a nation, and by extension, an individual, can make.

            I don’t normally waste time educating or correcting strangers on the internet, Anna, but your arrogance and outright ridicule of education needed to be addressed.

  24. Glad I read this, was thinking about doing it. Very fustrated trying to find a job right now, thought about going back to school but i am 31. I know some of the Jobs I can do, but always says need a 4 year degree, its like a slap in the face.

  25. Anna wrote “LOL, you’re talking as if a Batcherlors Degree were some great acheivement. It’s not all that you know? Basically many people holding a PHD cannot even find employment, and in speaking with them, it’s easy to understand why.”

    Now I live in a small country in South East Asia and 30 years ago people who has any degree can easily be accepted by any public or private sector. Nowadays thousands of degree holders are still unemployed including those who hold Masters. The main reason they are still unemployed is… “no working experience”.

    I work with a big airline company as a manager. I have been interviewing many candidates and the area I am really concern is “working experience, intelligence and attitude”. I used to have a staff who has a degree. I ended up terminating him as he did not meet my standard. Surprisingly those staffs who have no degree at all now ended up holding senior positions under me.

    So what is a degree? A piece a paper to say you go to school and claiming you are an intelligent person. But in reality, to find out if a person is really intelligent is not from a piece of paper, but form monitoring his performance.

    So to those who think having a degree is mandatory, they themselves are not INTELLIGENT…

  26. Dear Friends,

    lieing front of a marrior vs. on legal document is equal to lieing to your ownself.
    I encourage everyone to invest on a quality real education, preferbly from public c college or university. this is the only way out.

    Best of Luck,

  27. Thats what employers get for using a piece of paper to validate a reason to employ a person. Maybe they should just buy a machine or something… Fake diplomas work flawlessly. No place spends money or time to validate a degree, most of the time they never ask for it and I feel ripped off I spent any money on it. I wouldn’t recommend doing this for any job that has to do with private govt. jobs as they most certainly will catch you due to lack of bureaucratic paper trail.
    My advice… fake it to make it. That’s how I went from 15$ an hour to 35$ an hour doing what I want to do now when all that was holding me back was a piece of paper. If you have the skills but no one will give you a chance lying is a great option in my opinion. There is only lying to ourselves, everything else is just part of the plan. You don’t even need to “Buy one” just doctor one from google images or something. Takes a few hours. If they verify it they will just say sorry we can’t hire you, they wont tell you its fake. Then just move on. I have discovered that only 1/5 jobs will verify.

  28. Been working in the technology field for 25 years, hired a lot of people over that time and the only conclusion I can come to is that accredited degrees are not a whole lot better than fake ones. If you want to find a company to work for find one that will invest the time in finding out about you and what you can do, most only use degrees to lower their work load of finding a worker, it provides them with a cut off point.
    Degrees (real) will get you an interview and the chance to secure a position.
    Fake degrees may do the same but can end up getting you fired which can be a bigger problem on a resume.
    Neither type of degree proves you will be any good at anything. Experience is the winner.
    Ross Perot started 2 IT companies EDS and Perot systems, his direction on hiring people was (paraphrase) I dont care what education they’ve got, I want to know what they do and how long they’ve been doing it.
    S. Maguidhir BEng.

  29. This is a great trend! I’ve just bought one to test the waters. I’m currently in school too but it’s coming to an end where I can one no longer afford it and two no longer have the time because my employer won’t let me take the required courses which impede on my work schedule (Even though my same boss who denied this, does leave early himself to go to school) . I’ve been in my career field for over ten years and need to make a change to a different company.
    What I see in today’s job postings is you need a degree and it can be of any type as well. The majority of jobs don’t care about the focus too. Just check the box if you have a bachelors and that’s all they care about.
    I myself make decent money at $79k a year and work for a world renown university without a degree and only obtained a high school diploma with some college under the belt. This was only achieved by me getting deployed to some far off country and taking online classes to pass the time too.
    I feel I’m at my cap in life as far as being a employee of a company. I want bigger and better things but I don’t see the point of having some piece of paper telling other people I know my career field and my work history and successes can all be verified by picking up their phone and calling them. I know how to do my job and do it successfully. I just hope this degree works so I can provide a better opportunity not only for me but for my family too.

  30. Dr. Raoul Duke

    April 5, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    Oh really. I have a topped out on several major IQ tests, psychologists say there are no tests that can truly rate my IQ. I can read books and understand concepts better than any 145 IQ professor can teach. There is no arcane knowledge they could teach me, nothing so esoteric I need to pay to be taught. I go into classes knowing more than the professors that teach the class and I am supposed to go into debt $50,000 a year! For what? To be taught by people so far below my level it would be like you paying $50,000 a year to be taught by chimpanzees. The system is corrupt, designed to purloin as much money as they can from a gullible public, university credibility has been paid for by lobbyists.

    The world is run by greedy monkeys with the keys to very powerful machines and who have set up laws to legally steal from the masses. Knowledge should be and is free, no man should have the right to hold bounty over the mind. Greedy monkeys run the world. Is it no wonder the planet is in such awful shape.

    • The comments are encouraging and discouraging its a 50 50 kind of situation mostly people with degree are not as good as their paper and people without you are good at what the do they are better than the paper. So if the only way they can be see is by the paper then fake it to make it. The straight way is always the best. But we are made different do what makes you..

  31. Great topic
    the truth is no employer will want to employ a person without a bachelor degree…the job market has gone to the extent where no employer gives a dame about your fucking experience crap.
    This has led to the use of fake degrees…if u can go for it………then what’s d big deal

  32. I’m a Journeyman Telecommunications Electrician. I apprenticed for 5 years going to a renowned tech school and working on the job before getting my Journeymans Certificate. Yes i’m old and in my 50’s and telecom was all mechanical when I went to school, but I have learned and evolved with the telecom industry to the LTE IP world it is now. First thing a recuiter asked me yesterday on a job app was what is your degree, what did you master in? I’ve been denied a work visa by a CBP officer at the airport because I didn’t have a degree. My Journeymans Certificate means nothing.

  33. ESL Teaching Abroad

    May 8, 2013 at 8:00 am


    I am at a loss. It’s funny. I teach in China, and though they require many certifications for a visa the company you work for will fake all of them for you. All I had when I came here was a BA and some experience. I will attend a certification that is costing me 3 times what the fake MA will, and still will not be making what I can with the masters. I know it’s not honest, but this is a country engulfed in corruption full of ESL teachers who couldn’t care less. I am one of those rare few who really does care, but I want to make what I’m worth!

    I don’t know. I’m torn.

  34. I totally agree with you on every point that you have raised, yet my concerns are a bit different What about people who cant acquire a college degree? Having “$600-$1500″ is not the issue, we have services like but we need to have proper solution to rising educational cost..

  35. Eric Nordstrom

    June 16, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    I do not have a degree of any form and by choice I never shall. I have friends with college degrees as well as family members, and generally speaking majority of them aren’t employing their education within their employment. Most college graduates I know are a smart as a bag of rocks. Totally absent any real-world knowledge they putter around and are less proficient than hard-workers. In addition, the only reason college degrees hold any weight at all is that the suckers were suckered into the college in the first place and are now heavily invested in the system. Go to the library already! Learn. Formal education needs are true revolution and it doesn’t seem to be soon to expect one. If a person has the nuts big enough to proclaim themselves an expert (with your so called fake degree) and if that person can back up their claim, I’d hire them in a second without a second thought. The college grad may need to go out there and learn something before I’d hire them. The general post graduate brain dump versus the seasoned expert, who generates a self proclaimed degree! In my own opinion as an employer (Startbutton, LLC) college is a massive waste of time if your desire is to simply get a job. No one would question the need for formal education of a Doctor or some other occupation with high risk to other individuals. A lawyer though is not one of them, passing the bar exam is proof enough. The library should be adequate.

  36. There are accredited “real” college that offer online programs a/k/a long distance learning.
    The University of Oklahoma (OU) has one. It depends on what you want to major in but you can get a real degree by studying online.

  37. Look at the United States Congress…a group of educated dummies, and that’s putting it mildly. A Degree by and large is paying dues but still not necessary as it relates to one being an asset to any organization. I think its bullshit, but it is what it is. Someone help me buy my magic paper, where would you recommend?

  38. After reading this, I checked into some fake diploma sites. There is one that will give you transcripts and a fax # where a prospective employer can request your transcripts that will have the school’s logo.

    In my own case, I graduated back in the 70’s before there was any computerized recording of transcripts, degrees. Plus I have been married 2times and changed my name. It is always difficult for me or any employer to get certified copies of my transcripts. However, if you stay long enough in any occupation, the employers don’t bother ordering copies of transcripts or degrees–at least that has been my experience.

  39. Wrong? Is it really wrong to purchase a fake degree, just to be able to compete in today’s job market? I have worked for twelve years without a degree, and have had some of the dumbest supervisors, managers, and human resource managers the industry can offer. I now have an Associate’s degree that I gave 110% to earn. It was hard, but I always turned in double the work required. In my classes, I was always one of the top three most intelligent students, however, if a professor did not like you for whatever reason, you would receive mediocre grades. I feel that I have not walked away with any more knowledge than I held before attending my first day of class. Why did I go to school? Out of what I felt was a necessity. Too hard of a worker to be promoted, because A.) I didn’t have a degree and B.) Nobody could do the job as well as I could. Due to the economy, the employer decided to get rid of people who were making better wages, in order to replace them with temporary workers that they could pay half of what I was receiving. I lost my job, and could not find one for over a year. Mcdonalds even told me that they were looking for High School kids.

    Now that I have experience, and at least an Associate’s degree, almost all jobs that I see require at least a Bachelor’s degree. Should I waste another $20,000 + for a Bachelor’s degree? I do see the system as a total scam. My experience is that it was a waste of both time and money. Unless you get a fake degree to pose as a doctor, lawyer, nurse, law enforcement, or any other professional career field, then what is the harm? Most companies will hire any idiot with a degree, but zero experience, and 90% of them either make a copy of the degree to put on file, or require the original to hold on file. No verification required. Is it ethical to hold people back, because of no degree. There are far too many 50 somethings being kicked out of the work place after 25, 30, 35 years of service, because of this wonderful economy. Nobody will hire them, because they pose risks. I think there are certain situations, and certainly your everyday business degree that would be perfectly ethical to obtain, via an online supplier, that would help these people who are hurting actually obtain a job. Not to run a bank, but maybe a restaurant, or an assistant manager at Walmart. I went to high school with 6 people who were a few months away from completing their Bachelor’s degrees from an accredited traditional school, but the school went bankrupt, lost their accreditation, and closed the doors. Guess what! All those earned credit hours were no longer transferable, acceptable, or worth the time and money put into them. They were told this was a shame, but perfectly legal.

    I say that if you have a situation that does actually prevent you from going the traditional/online route, need a degree just to be able to clean toilets, or to feed your kids, then do what you need to do, and screw everyone else.

    • Lance Haun

      July 6, 2013 at 11:14 pm

      Good for you. Once your fake degree is found out, you will be fired. We can go into the crappy requirements that employers have some other time but this post is about people wasting their money on a fake degree. Don’t give these scammers your money. If you want to be a liar, just be a liar. Don’t pay for someone to do the lying for you.

      • Nice! I never said it was for me, but for those who have no other way out. So, let me get this straight, you don’t have an issue with someone having a fake degree, but only if they buy it from “Scammers,” is that correct? You did say, “Want a clue for next time? Go to your Microsoft Word templates and pick out a nice award template and write yourself a degree. Give yourself whatever you like, go to the store to grab some nice paper and a frame and print it out. Sure, you’ll still be a liar but at least you haven’t spent hundreds of dollars on something that is only worth the paper it was printed on” (Haun 2010). So as long as I do it myself, then we are ok, right? Fake is fake, lying is lying. Please point out a legitamate company, who doesn’t lie or cheat their employees. Oh, maybe you do not, or have not lived in an “at will employment state.” Companies hire, fire, and manipulate the time clocks. Why? Because they can get away with it. All they have to do is put a reason on paper, aka LIE.

        I would love for you to tell your story to everyone here. Who paid for your education? Did your parents have a college education? Did you grow up having both parents at home, or did you come from a broken home? Until you have walked in someone elses shoes, then who the hell are you to judge anyone’s actions? What exactly makes you the so called “expert,” on this subject? What is your level of education? You talk like you hung the moon my friend. In what states across the country have you held experience hiring/firing individuals? Have you ever missed a meal in your lifetime, or even knew someone on a personal level who had? I can tell from your responses that you obviously have not had many life experiences that were negative, and caused you to suffer adversity. Your post comes off as a rant instead of any factual, or credible information. For the record, I wasn’t searching for a fake degree when I came here, so thanks Mother Google!

        I read your about page, which doesn’t justify any comment you have made to this point regarding fake degrees, or people’s intentions for getting one. About pages are like facebook profiles, they can be manipulated to make you seem so much cooler than you really are in life. If someone is qualified through life experience, but lacks a degree, and can greatly benefit a company for the hard work they provide, then exactly what harm are they doing anyone, except for themselves? So they need to lie to get ahead in life. So what! Have you ever went over the speed limit, or something that might be wrong in any way? Sure you have, and if you say you haven’t then you are a lier like anybody else, who may consider purchasing an expensive piece of paper. Join the party, and quit knocking everyone else for not having the same “leave it to beaver” life that you were blessed with.

        • Lance Haun

          July 7, 2013 at 9:33 pm

          It’s compounding a mistake (lying about a degree) on top of another (paying for the privilege of lying). Why bother with buying a degree when you’re just as likely to get caught either way? I don’t know how you can deny this.

          This has nothing to do with me. Most of the people who have strong objections to this post have made the mistake of purchasing a degree or are trying to justify the purchase to themselves. It’s a mistake, plain and simple. If you disagree, that’s fine and you want to micro-analyze my expertise, that’s cool with me too.

  40. That’s a money scam. Googling your school logo and using different programs you could use yourself like Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher… then charging you a fee for doing it. lol

  41. All I can say is that in my field you would definitely get caught. Anything Law enforcement/Security you would be hanging yourself. You are all grown and will make your own decisions, but be very careful. Most of these programs are ran by NIgerians, or by known terrorist organizations, as a way to fund terrorism. There are similar work/education programs that are recognized only within the state you reside, meaning that you cannot move out of state and your education be recognized as legitamate. These are similar to what John Mccain proposed in the 2008 election. Walmart for example, now has a state program they use to allow associates in their pharmacies to gain certification through the state without pursuing an Associate’s degree from an accredited college. It is not nationally recognized, but you could be employed anywhere within the state, and be recognized as a certified pharmacy tech.

    Check out every resource you can find about a legitamate way to gain an education, before dropping money you can’t waste on a fake degree. You would be inviting more problems into your life than you need. There are many programs out there for people, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort on our part to obtain the information we need. It won’t appear out of thin air. Best of luck to everyone, but do it the right way. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

  42. So is there any way a man with 20 years of experience can get a degree based on that experience. I have been a machine setup and operator over 20 years. I have run assembly lines , machine fabrication, design, and prototype coordinator. I am the guy the educated people come to.

  43. Fake degrees are highly useful as a credential to run your own business but are too easily caught when used as a credential for employment. I have run my business for nine years now and made enough income to pay off my mortgage, put my kids in private schools and live the life I want to live without having to pay back Government loans to some University for a piece of paper that would have had the same outcome. You can debate morals all day long but at the end of the day, I eat well and I am completely content in my life. I did spend a solid 2 years of my life researching and developing my business so that I had the knowledge to be successful though. Stupidity is getting a degree online that represents an area of study in which you have no clue. No one has ever questioned my degree as a business owner and my only regret in buying my degree online is that it was not needed in the long run. I simply put my credentials on my business card and do my job. The education typically needed to do the job that I do would typically involve a masters or PhD level of education. So go self employed and add want you want to the end of your name if you can walk the walk and talk the talk..p.s…Most people that complain about degree mills are angry because while I enjoy life and enjoy success, they pay student loans and live on Ramen..

    • And yes, there was a typo in my post. Please point it out to show how formal education would have prevented it. I know at least one person will not be able to resist. Sad Sad Sad

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