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Evolution and Innovation in HR and Recruiting

Evolution is tough. Being on the cusp of innovation is just as tough.

Two of my favorite events are coming up in October and I think you should be there because they deal with both issues. And as talent acquisition and management moves forward, they will be the most pressing issues if you want to be considered a leader.

HRevolution Vegas

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In a few weeks, a hundred or so people will gather at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for a discussion in the next evolution in HR. This will be my third (of four) and each one is a different experience. This is also the closest one to home for me so I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I am also facilitating a session too. What’s it about? Here’s what I wrote to the HRevolution founders:

Beyond blogging: building influence digitally tomorrow – You can’t go to an HR conference anymore and not hear someone talk about starting a blog. Technorati says there are over 700 blogs on the topic of human resources. That number could double or triple in the next couple of years. What will you do to stand out in the noise? Talk not only about how to improve the content you have but how to present/repurpose older material and develop new ideas and partnerships to deal with what’s coming up.

Part of where I’m going with it came from a discussion I had with Trish McFarlane at SHRM about what a bunch of early adopter bloggers are doing now. Writing and sharing is good enough on its own but it is also a means to an end (and it certainly has been for some). Are people going to be happy if they are at the same place in 5 years? Do people know how many people are going to be writing about HR in the future?

We’re going to have fun with it and if you read this blog or follow what I do here or on TLNT, you should be there.

Recruiting Innovation Summit

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I am incredibly biased about this event because I program the conference for my company, ERE Media. Given the shameless promotion of one Bill Kutik of a certain HR Technology Conference, I don’t feel as bad.

The Recruiting Innovation Summit is hand-picked to give recruiters insight into the most innovative practices recruiters are using. I try to bring as many practitioners as possible to the stage to talk about their processes first hand. The other key is the audience which is full of bright recruiters with their own ideas. Every time I go, I talk to a few people who could have been on the agenda just as easily. And a free hint: get here early enough the day before to hit the tweetup the night before. It’s only a one day event

This particular event is being held at Facebook’s headquarters in the Bay area which is great in and of itself. Richard Cho has been involved in the last three events and is a wealth of information just himself (but fatally flawed as a San Jose Sharks fan).

I can’t wait for the event to kick off. If you’re a recruiter looking for an edge, this is the conference you have to put on your calendar.

Oh, And One More Thing

There’s a new conference coming to town soon. I am ecstatic about it and happy to be associated with it. But if I were to give you a hint, I would think you might want to keep February 26th-28th open and keep your cowboy boots ready to ride.

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