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Google indexing fun…

No, really.

So I was talking to Joel Cheesman a month or two ago about the fact that Google hadn’t indexed my website. Since it had been six months since I started this thing, I thought it was a bit weird.  So did he and we pretty much left the conversation baffled. MSN and Yahoo already had me on their radar. I don’t really care all that much about Google juice but I was just annoyed at that prospect.

The Cheez did give me a piece of advice though: “try to run some AdWords on Google.”  I didn’t feel like doing it out of principle.  Google should be giving me props anyway.  Why should I give them any money?

Last Sunday (the 3rd), I finally relented. I looked to see if my site was indexed and it still wasn’t.  I opened up an AdWords account and put in some keywords that made some sense. I directed all of the ads to this page.

Well, here comes Tuesday the 5th and I check it and guess what: I am indexed.

Coincidence? I think not.  I submitted my site to Google in May and September. There is no logical explanation for this except that Google figured out I was a legitimate site only after I ran an ad with them.

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