Google indexing fun…

No, really.

So I was talking to Joel Cheesman a month or two ago about the fact that Google hadn’t indexed my website. Since it had been six months since I started this thing, I thought it was a bit weird.  So did he and we pretty much left the conversation baffled. MSN and Yahoo already had me on their radar. I don’t really care all that much about Google juice but I was just annoyed at that prospect.

The Cheez did give me a piece of advice though: “try to run some AdWords on Google.”  I didn’t feel like doing it out of principle.  Google should be giving me props anyway.  Why should I give them any money?

Last Sunday (the 3rd), I finally relented. I looked to see if my site was indexed and it still wasn’t.  I opened up an AdWords account and put in some keywords that made some sense. I directed all of the ads to this page.

Well, here comes Tuesday the 5th and I check it and guess what: I am indexed.

Coincidence? I think not.  I submitted my site to Google in May and September. There is no logical explanation for this except that Google figured out I was a legitimate site only after I ran an ad with them.


  1. Pretty strange this happened to you. Everything I’ve heard is that the Google ‘sandbox’, where they put new sites, is not really around anymore. I’d close your adwords account now…

  2. I have read a lot of articles on Google and how their algorithm is supposedly human-free, but similar situation as you, when I stopped using AdWords for the company site,, we went from page 2 to non-existent. Google of course denies it all, but there is no way that a site can disappear that quickly.

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