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How Do You Deal With Stress?

I am generally a pretty cool customer. That’s not to say that I don’t worry about things, it just means I deal with it pretty calmly. The first time I was laid off, I told my wife about it and assured her I had a plan for dealing with it right away. That was it. Was I mad about it? Absolutely. Worried? Sure. But my mind was busy with a lot of other things.

There are times that I get nervous, too. That’s stress of a different animal to me. Public speaking still makes me nervous. Big games for my Blazers or Cougs make me nervous. I have ways of dealing with nerves, though.

The day before one of our conferences is a stressful one for me but it shouldn’t be. My part of the conference—planning speakers, talking topics and getting the agenda up to shape—is done months ahead of time. The best thing I do at a conference is show up with a smile and energy, talk to a ton of people, tweet and write and learn from attendees what worked and what didn’t. We have a phenomenal team who does the logistics on site.

The fact is, I don’t know what I am worried about or what is stressing me out. Do I worry about everything going smoothly? Do I worry about people not being happy with how it turned out? Yes, of course. I think about that months ahead of time, too.

Here’s what I generally do when I’m stressed:

  1. I write (stuff like this)
  2. I clean or organize
  3. I focus on getting a good nights sleep
  4. I read (currently re-reading The Breaks Of The Game)
  5. I actually write (like on paper)
  6. I drink decaf coffee

That’s pretty much worked for me for the last few years of dealing with our own conferences. Things like logically telling myself that I shouldn’t worry? Not so much.

How do you deal with stress and nerves? What’s the sure-fire way to find your peace?

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