Morning Person or Night Owl?

I don’t think my sleep trajectory is any different than a lot of folks:

  • From high school through college and a little beyond, I was a flat out night owl — staying up until 2-3am consistently, regardless of when I had to get up.
  • Beyond college, I adapted to a more normal schedule of sleeping at 11 or mdnight and getting up around six.
  • Now, post kid, I find myself starting getting down to bed at 9-10pm and up at 4-6am  (with all of the interruptions, of course).

The reason I mention this is because I haven’t slept in for awhile. While I was in Las Vegas for summer league though, I ended up sleeping in until 10:30 in the morning — almost missing my lunch. It was the first time I had slept past eight for… who knows how long?

There’s research out there that actually says a night owl’s brain is different than a morning person’s or just a regular person. They don’t know if night owl tendencies resulted in brain changes or if genetic variations cause brains to be different and therefore, be more of a night owl.

Many successful CEOs wake up early, but so do bakers and sanitation workers. I don’t think you’re destined for success just because you wake up early.

While I thought I was getting a lot of stuff done when I was closer to a night owl — after all, this blog was mostly written at nights from 2006-2009 — the fact is, I get more accomplished when I wake up earlier. I may not be bouncing out of bed at 5am most mornings but by 6-7am, I’m a pretty functional human being!

What’s your take? Do you get up early — by choice or otherwise — or do you stay up late and sleep in whenever possible? Have you found it affects any part of your life positively or negatively?


  1. Have always been a morning person, even in college. Staying up past 11 has always been a challenge.

    • Lance Haun

      July 25, 2014 at 8:24 am

      That’s pretty cool. I always wonder if time zone has something to do with it because I seem to know a lot of folks in the midwest and east that are up earlier while I know a lot of night owls out here on the west coast. Incredibly small, non-scientific sample size of course.

  2. Always been an early bird – 5 am is pretty standard. Don’t stay past 11:00 pm most nights (I dvr Jon Stewart and Colbert and watch during lunch.) My biorhythm is solo work all morning – afternoon is when I’m best for brainstorming. By 5pm – it’s happy hour – worthless for anything more than pop culture and bourbon.

  3. Madly in love with mornings….and breakfast.

    Aim to be in bed by 9am up as early as 4am as late as 6am depending on when I actually fall to sleep.

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