I’ve been out of day-to-day HR for over a year now and while I interact with HR and recruiter types on a daily basis, it often takes subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminders about how challenging the field can be. The people who work day-to-day and add real value to their organizations and drive innovation in the field are why I’m so passionate about HR.

When Rypple came to me and said they wanted to highlight HR folks who are doing great things in HR as part of a sponsorship on this blog, I couldn’t say no. I started brainstorming some folks who I thought might be good to feature but I figured we could do one better: my readers could nominate HR stars to highlight.

So I’m going to highlight 12 people in HR who are doing great things and they are going to be nominated by you. They could be a generalist, manager, VP, training manager, recruiter or consultant. The important part is that they are doing great things in HR for either their organization, industry or the profession as a whole.

There isn’t any sort of special prize for this. It is simply recognizing and publicizing people who are doing great things in the HR space.

Fill out the quick form below to nominate a person and check back over the next few weeks for the first HR stars to be featured! (E-mail and RSS subscribers may need to click through)


This information will only be used to contact people who are doing great things and not to send spam or marketing information to. Thanks for participating!

The HR Stars Series is sponsored by Rypple, social software that makes feedback easy and fun. Our software is built around people, not process, which means teams actually get things done. Managers don’t waste time. People get the useful feedback that they want. Teams stay on track, learn and adapt faster, and get recognized for great work. Learn more at http://rypple.com.