Results-Only Work Environment

Tiffany at “Pote Magico de Trabajos” posted about ROWE again and I thought I’d throw myself in that mix.

First of all, work places should already be results only.  This is, of course, laughable.  Between mandatory Monday – Friday meetings and archaic attendance policies, your best performer might be on a written warning even though (with absences), they meet your expectations otherwise as an employee.

Second of all, I loathe meetings.  I hate them with a passion. If I am in a meeting, it should be with a future employee, a current employee with an issue or hiring managers.  I like being part of strategic planning but I hate the meetings associated with them.  I just want to submit my work and answer any questions. If we can’t figure things out in normal meetings in a half an hour, the meeting leader was poorly prepared or we were poorly prepared.

I am also a meeting jumper.  As soon as it digresses, I am out of the door. No permission asked.

So to say that ROWE appeals to me is an understatement. But that is only personally. I know I could handle it and it would be likely that I would be working nearly the same hours.
Professionally? It would pretty much be a nightmare year of transition. If I managed to survive, we would probably be okay after that first year.

Training management to judge people only on results.  To set goals, hard goals, achievable goals.  Again, management.  To go to meetings optional.  *insert scary music* The execs would want to hit the eject button a week into it.

I am sure the consulting helps but trying to beat that day to day habit of meetings, checking in, impromptu meeting, checking in, etc… That’s ingrained.  From the first day of work on. And breaking that habit is something that I don’t know if I would be ready for.

So how about you? Could you take that on? Could you work in an environment where you were judged solely on the results you produce? Would it be a discipline challenge for you?


  1. Man, this is wonderful, but unfortunately I work in a sweat-shop environment where managers feel that if they don’t see you, you’re not working. But, I’m basically field-based, have always done more work at home and on the road than I ever did in the office. My employer has given me absolutely everything I need to do well in a ROWE arrangement. I’ve begged for a telecommuting plan..but came up empty. One thing I really wouldn’t miss, my coworkers running their mouths all day.

  2. Nice name: Result-Only Work Environment.

    With a high performance workstyle you’re free tot choose any environment tot work.

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