SimplyHired and MySpace together at last

SimplyHired has pulled off quite the deal here.

There is going to be a lot of “old money” companies saying this isn’t significant. “Who cares? These kids on MySpace don’t have any skills we need. Plus the whole lot of them are probably child molesters anyway.” The good thing for these “kids” on MySpace is that they will have one of the most effective job searching tools out there easily accessible to them. Even the old money will be benefiting tremendously through this marriage of sorts (since SimplyHired aggregates millions of job listings including many of old money’s newspaper ads). MySpace has consistently ranked in the top 10 websites since the beginning of the year.

It is all a matter of people eventually figuring out that MySpace has a job search. It will be used and it is really only a matter of time.

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  1. with all the recent negative news about myspace i’m glad i dont own simplyhired … cleaner companies to get “in bed” with IMHO

    … typical 😐


  2. Jeremy, I don’t know how much of an impact the poor news will make. People are still flocking to the site. As to the cleanliness of MySpace, it is a community website. Craigslist hasn’t received much publicity for it but a certain portion of their users certainly flock to craigslist for the same reason that some flock to MySpace.

  3. So, MySpace, eh? Has anyone taken a minute to think about whether or not it is legal/appropriate to check out applicants’ MySpace pages? I have heard people discuss an applicant’s “web presence” in the past, and MySpace where a person creates some web presence by choosing what they would like strangers to know about them.

    I recruit from a local university, so word of mouth and MySpace can tell me a lot more about applicants than “What are your three worst qualities?” which everyone and their cousin has a canned answer for. Not to mention, I’ve used MySpace to network with high-quality former employess of our company so that they can refer people who will be qualified for positions we have available.

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