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What you probably don't know about me…

Much like primary school where you can play tag, Dennis over at has tagged me to reveal five things you might not know about me. Dennis needs to fix his permalinks because I can’t directly link to the post that he tagged me but REST ASSURED it is there.

So in keeping with the theme of this blog, I am going to list off five things you don’t know about your HR guy. These apply to me too.

  1. I like to drink. And why wouldn’t you want to drink? It helps your career (most of the time). So when you think I am sitting there scoffing at your MySpace pictures of you doing a keg stand, I am actually kind of wishing I was there. Because I am bored at the office.
  2. I am a really nice guy. This isn’t a lie. I like cute fuzzy things like everyone else. I assist an old lady by carrying in her groceries when I see the opportunity. I volunteer in the community. In fact, when you are sitting in my office and I am giving you your final warning, I am hoping that I am helping you right yourself and that sometime down the road, you’ll thank me.
  3. I love sports. College football, basketball, pro football and basketball. Basically from late August through March (June if the NBA is any good), I am watching any one of these sports. The rest of the time is what we in the Northern US call summer. Hit me up for a conversation on any of these topics.
  4. I am very happily married. I am on year two and so far so good. No kids, but little HR guys and gals are certain to be flocking around in the next couple of years. I actually hope to be a stay at home HR guy (or at least, work significantly at home). We’ll see though.
  5. I really enjoy gossip. I know, I know but at least I am being honest. The good part (for any past, present or future employees reading) is that I limit it to friends, family and of course professional organizations. The place to get the dirt on people is at a SHRM meeting. Glad I’m not alone fellow HR guys and gals.

No tagging for me though. If you like though, you can respond with a comment or a trackback.

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