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Who Are Your Top Influencers?

I made it on a list of Top 25 HR Digital Influencers. Fairly high up even. You should check out the list because any of them are going to be good resources.

Am I thankful for the recognition? Of course. I just wanted to make sure I got that out of the way.

To me though, it is always a question of priorities. Doing great things is always number one. Getting recognized is secondary. Getting both is great (obviously) but man, I’d much rather be a barely known person who does awesome things. Hell, that’s what I hope I am doing right now.

I am not going to belabor the point though. Laurie has a good write up on her reservations with lists like this that I hope you’ll appreciate.

With that in mind, I’d like to take the time to recognize seven people who didn’t make the list but actively influence the HR side of me and do really great things. Any of these people could have replaced me on the list and I wouldn’t have blinked. That’s not some trite, false modesty bullshit, these folks are really fantastic.

  • Frank Roche – Frank influences my writing. He pushes me to be a better writer. His posts take on a “less is more” quality and are as poetic as you can be about HR issues. Reading him over the past couple of years has probably helped me more than anything.
  • Jason Seiden – Jason influences my thinking. He pushes me to expand my thinking. He helps me think about how to remove boundaries in the way I think about problems and solutions. His books are fantastic too.
  • Trish McFarlane – Trish influences my commitment to community. She pushes me to give back. Through her actions, she’s done more to sustain HR’s involvement in social media than most. She’s willing to give without return.
  • Mike VanDervort – Mike influences my commitment to consistency. He pushes me to make every day count. I have an opportunity to speak to an audience every day and I should be there for them. Mike is someone who does that.
  • Steve Boese – Steve influences my thoughts on technology. He pushes me to look ahead. Not only that, Steve thinks about the human impact of technology more than most technologists. If only there were more like him…
  • Paul Hebert – Paul influences my thoughts on incentives. He pushes me to challenge my views on motivation. Here’s what I know: Paul has been doing this for a long time and still has a strong passion for it. I hope I am only so lucky.
  • Shauna Moerke – Shauna influences my sense of humor. She pushes me to not take myself seriously. The reason why many people are attracted to this blog is because I am not the super serious HR guy. Thank God for that too.

Let’s democratize this a bit more. Who influences you? In what way do they influence you?

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