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Breaking Tech’s Glass Ceiling with @InFullBloomUS

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Somebody you care about is a woman. You should care about the opportunities she has, and technology is still one of the hardest industries to break into the upper echelons. Take five minutes out of your day to watch this great interview with Naomi Bloom.

Outside of being a Fortune 500 CEO or an economic advisor to Trump, technology is one of the toughest fields to get to the top of as a woman. Follow any male-dominated field close enough and you’ll find women who have experienced all kinds of obstacles and bullshit that men take for granted.

If you care about HR technology, you should care about the people who drive decisions that affect global workforces. Unfortunately, they’ve rarely reflected the diversity of the people they serve — a missed opportunity for organizations and an injustice to those directly affected.

In this episode of Bill Kutik’s excellent Firing Line with Bill Kutik, Bloom talks about what it will take for women to break into those coveted roles at the top of tech organizations. Well worth the watch today. And Bill, since I know you read all of your own press, I have one request: Bring back the podcast!

Update 8/16/16: Check out Bloom’s full post on her site. Great additional insight for anyone interested.

By Lance Haun

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