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Hi. I’m Lance.

Welcome to this place.

I’ve written about the intersection of people, work, and technology for more than fifteen years. In the beforetimes, all of these words were written here. That was pretty easy.

Then, I kinda just started writing all over the place. Then, I lost track of what I wrote.

So, I decided to track it all down into a centralized place. Right here.

If you’re one of the nine people in the world looking for all-you-can-consume Lance Haun content, you came to the right place. If you’re here, completely confused about what the hell is going on, I’m so sorry.

Official-ish bio: Lance Haun has spent his entire professional career at the intersection of people, work, and technology. He’s spent more than two decades writing into the internet abyss and is a lightly sought-after speaker.

You can find him near a keyboard with a craft beer, slinging words and advice for his daughter’s painting supply habit.

What I’m Writing About Here

Into the Unknown

A letter to my daughter about the future as we celebrate the start of a new year and new decade.

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