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Interview Tip: Show up, Bring Booze

Nothing delights me more than people showing up to an interview with alcohol on their breath.

It makes my job as an HR guy more interesting and gives me good stories to tell. Considering this has happened multiple times, I’ll tell you what pretty much goes through my mind:

This is awesome.

I am going to interview them until I can identify what kind of booze they were drinking.

That’s definitely not wine.

Ask a long question and lean in closer.

“Tell me more about your career history?”

It’s not beer either.

Oh, it is definitely whiskey . Oh man, how cool is that?!

This is a morning interview, right? Yep, 9:30AM. Well, let me wrap this up.

If you need something to ease your nerves, there are very effective prescriptions to help I’m told. Booze will not help though. Most people who do interviews know what booze breath smells like.

The audacity of also doing absolutely nothing to cover it up means you must have drank a lot. Or you are just an idiot. Or both. Probably both.

Originally published at on May 25, 2006.